And we went to Wales for the weekend… well, we spent Saturday night at my parents’ house and half of Sunday too. Going to stay with anyone isn’t straightforward, and overnight is only possible if there’s either a bed downstairs or they happen to have a lift to the upstairs bedrooms. My mum and dad bought a sofa bed for their kitchen, my dad built a ramp, and Bob’s your uncle.
Well actually Bob is my dad, not my uncle, and I don’t want to confuse things.

Wendy drove us from London ( obviously driving expertly ) My cousin Jason came for tea ( they call that dinner in England ) and the local pub ( The Carpenters Arms ) is accessible so we went there for a few drinks My lovely Aunty Gill and my Uncle Mike came and joined us, and we had a laugh for hours. It was just like old times, except everyone was a bit older and I had a different ( and very cute ) partner, and I was in a wheelchair. As it was relatively last minute, other peeps had plans and I didn’t get to see my Bro ( as he’s in France ) or a few friends I’d love to have invited. Anyway, less can be more sometimes, and especially when you can’t move around the room and mingle because you are a bit stuck for space to reverse your chair, so it was really good. We saw my Aunty Rose and Uncle Den on Sunday as well, having actually slept well on the sofa bed, and ate lots of my mum’s pancakes…. she makes the BEST ones ( well you like what you got to know as a child, don’t you ? )

Wendy drove ( expertly ) back to London, and it all went well, I’m pleased to say. It’s been a long time since the thought of going to stay in future in Wales hasn’t been daunting, but now it’s not any longer. I do need the lovely Wendy to drive ( expertly ) and help me both ends but if I’ve got her then I’ll be ok. Wendy found my family very funny / possibly shocking, and says she now knows why I am the way I am … there you go then, I have an excuse.

Thanks SO MUCH to my parents for doing everything to make it as easy as possible, and we will go again soon I’m sure!

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