Get back to Canadia, you!

I took my English class yesterday. The class tripled in size from last week, such is my popularity ( presumably ) A 200% increase is a stat anyone would be proud of, right?

Ok so it was 2, and yesterday it was 6. … but still! I made it fun ( I think ). What seems to work ( based on all the lessons thus far… that’s both of them ) is to have a couple of main topics ( yesterday it was telling the time in English, and booking doctors’ appointments on the phone/online ) and having lots of conversation around the themes, with me correcting pronunciation and word order etc.
We strayed onto Harry and Meghan and the Royal fam. Cor, the foreigners living amongst us don’t half like the royals … they all had pretty strong opinions on those 2 anyway. I’ve heard that ‘ Meghan has been the victim of racism because she is a woman of colour’ a lot, though I have doubted that since I’ve personally not heard anything adverse to do with her being not ‘ pure white’ from anyone I know, but yesterday I was very surprised/ amused to hear how much the non British born ( and not white ) ladies of North Wesr London dislike her. Yep, she got a right slagging off for lots of things, but definitely not for being mixed race. Given apparently 1 in 8 people living in the UK are ‘ immigrants’ then if yesterday’s sample was representative then that’s at least 15% of us here that don’t like Megs ( and it’s bugger all to do with her having a black mum ). Sad how the racist anti black card gets so readily played, I think.

And they LOVED Princess Di, and really really didn’t like ‘ Kamelia ‘. I did correct the name pronunciation again and again, but Kamelia she remained. When I said that I knew her and she was ever so nice, they didn’t seem to believe it, so I had to show em photographic evidence. That didn’t stop em laying into her though! What the hell did/does Chazza see in her seemed to be the gist of it.

Me talking to Kamelia ( or Cammy, as she prefers ). As you can see, there were 3 of us in that marriage, so as someone once said … ‘ it was a bit crowded …’

Anyway…. the Welsh indoctrination has subtlety begun. I’ve got them saying ‘ How’s it goin’? ‘ and repeating’ whose horse is that donkey?’ Very handy expression that, up there in Greenford.

It won’t be long before Tidy is ringing out in the mosques of northwest London…

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