English pidgin..

Cool what you see when you’re out and about in London.
I asked these 2 fellas why they had hawks in Brentford…?

Pest control, he said, and told me the ‘ clients’ hire them and their 2 Harris hawks for an hour every fortnight. That’s enough to scare ( nope, not kill he said ) the pigeons away apparently.

I was surprised to hear, and I thought he was messin’ ( but he wasn’t ) that they come at a different time every 2 weeks because otherwise the pigeons would learn just to avoid that hour at the same time every 2 weeks.
Who’d have thunk pigeons were that clever?? As the fella said though… there’s a reason why pigeons are so ‘ successful’ at populating an area.

I might train my budgies to scare things away? Just gotta think of something that they might frighten first….

‘Un Ford ?

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