I went to the theatre last night with Lily. We saw Dial M for Murder. Wow that’s a good play… ever so clever, it is.. Richmond theatre does short runs of plays before they go on elsewhere, I think. Most plays are good, but not all of em. Last night was brilliant though.

Tonight I wheeled through the relentless rain to listen to a talk on Eel Pie Island. No, that was the subject, not the location of the talk… The island is one in the Thames between Twickenham and Richmond. Blimey it’s had some history. From music venues to hippy commune, to Ship building and yacht clubs etc etc. People like The Rolling Stones played there often back in the day. There’s a museum that is dedicated to it, to which I shall go once it stops bloody raining. Tomorrow I have to go to Kings Cross for a medical thing and hope I don’t get another soaking in the process. As buses just don’t work for me, I have to get to accessible Tube stations, all of which are 3km away from me, guaranteeing I get properly wet on the way to them.. and it’s not like I can just jump up and change my clothes. Once wet I stay wet… I could always just stay at home…?

Nah, I don’t think so.

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