Big Ted.

Last week I went to a day of TED Talks. Most people know what those are, but it you don’t then look them up on the net. They are ‘ inspiring’ talks by all sorts of people on all sorts of subjects. The day was held in Kingston, in a theatre. It was pretty good listening, and a good day out. My buddy Rob S suggested we go, after which I got free tickets ( because one of the speakers was talk about wheelchair accessible maps on Google ). Good for their image rights to have REAL disabled people listening.. and hey, I’m not objecting.
The talks are often by people who have ‘ suffered a misfortune and endured’ but not all the talks have to be, by any means. I have to say that my own life story events are ( in my opinion anyway ) more, well, crushing than any I heard this day… but that doesn’t mean I’m demeaning the tales I heard. I think to do a talk you have to have ‘ bounced back’ so I’m not sure I qualify fully to appear on stage just yet…. but maybe in the future?! I think I’ve got to achieve a bit more before I’d want to do that.
Thanks to Rob for suggesting!

In my class yesterday both ladies indicated to me that they find it very hard to communicate on the phone, with doctors’ secretaries. Well blimey, don’t we all? They’re all impatient and intolerant dragons, aren’t they… they must receive special training as they all seem to have that manner about them.
It means that booking appointments to see a doctor is an issue for them, so I’ll work on that next week.
I will be sure to mention to Julie Andrews though, that after getting her prescription from the GP……..

A Spoonful of Sugar will make the medicine go down….

( tho in the most peculiar way… ! )


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