A massive thank you to the lovely Lizzy.
She really is a Duracell bunny, full of never ending energy, which all day long she expends on doing things for other people – the charity, her 2 children, me, the elderly lady in Sevenoaks that she also looks after ( no relation, no one that she knew until last year ) and anyone else that she happens across.

To get me into her car requires a lot of effort ( on her part ). She’s only 5 foot 1 and half my weight, and never admits that anything is difficult. To get my legs into the footwell is REALLY hard. They are very rigidly set in the ‘ sat down’ position once I’m in my chair. To straighten them ie someone else lifting my feet up isn’t easy, so to try to get both my feet into a high up car is very difficult. I can’t help at all, because I can’t bloody bend forward either, so little Lizzy has to lie across the front seats and drag my feet up one by one. After that she has to help me as I pull myself into her car using the handle above the door.
Then she has to take the wheels off my chair, put those into her car, and then the rest of my chair.
Oh, and then she has to lift my very heavy Triride into the car as well.
When we get to where we are going, she has to do it all in reverse.

The whole process makes me feel so guilty that I really really avoid it having to happen. I’d far rather Triride to the destination, leaving her to drive herself, if it’s less than 10 miles, or I’d far rather use public transport. Those ways, there is no need for her to have to hoik me or my stuff, both ends.

So as I rule I catch trains to and from Sevenoaks, but because I’d been ill, Lizzy insisted I go by car. I know she’d never admit to it being a bloody pain, but jeez it must be.
Anyway I want to say thank you to her with all of my heart, for her love and devotion, always, but particularly these last few feverish days where I didn’t do a lot other than sweat. ..

Lizzy, you really are too good for me.

2 thoughts on “❤️👩

  1. Hope your better now our Russ sounds as if you had a bad chill right through you. How nice of Lizzy to look after you, she sound a very genuine lovely caring person.
    So far May as been very cold 6/7 degrees, this week gym classes outside only, so spin outside LBT outside and zumba, it’s OK once warmed up. Next week indoors 15 only in classes. Watching on the app to book in if we can places are gone in seconds. Away our Russ thinking about you take care my old lv. Xxxxx

    1. It’s like blimmin Siberia – not that I’ve been there so I’m talking out of my bum.
      Maybe do Zumba in the back field in Uncle Mike’s old rugby boots? Nice bitta grip on em! X

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