You definitely couldn’t make it up…

My Carer was asking about my pre injury life – what that was like, what I did etc, then about the 5 years since my injury.

I gave him a brief summary  of my adulthood, with sports, my business, my family life, my achievements, then my injury and the years since. I was aware that he was listening intently, and then became aware that he was listening more in shock.

When I’d finished, I smiled and asked him what he thought.

There was a pause, after which he just said ‘ well if you were a character in a soap opera, no one would actually believe your story, do you realise that?’

I do wish that only the first life had happened, and then the soap character could have just been written out… but in the nature of soaps the guy who was in the fatal accident then came back to life later on, in a whole new story line.

That’s pretty much the plot line in the real life version – making it more a documentary than a soap. I’ve no idea what will actually become of the character, as those episodes just haven’t been scripted yet, have they?

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