This Christmas I’ve declined a very kind offer from my lovely Ex, and instead extend an invitation to my refugee friend. He’s a long way from his home and family, has no money and no other means to celebrate, and I feel I can do my part for someone else. Most of us here have it reasonably easy. definitely compared to those in some countries ruled by dictatorships with consequent broken economies, anyway.
Even my probably hopeless efforts at Christmas lunch preparation will DEFINITELY be better than anything he might otherwise get, so that’ll be a step on the ladder to Heaven for me… sadly I can’t think of anything else I’ve ever done to climb any more rungs up… and anyway if there’s not a wheelchair ramp I’m stuffed in any case.

As he’s actually a professor of mathematics… I think I might get thrashed at Connect4 as well.. in which case I’ll challenge him to arm wrestling or something. So long as I win at something, I’m happy! There’s a limit to how magnanimous a Welshman can be!

I think we’ll have a fun day.

2 thoughts on “Xmas.

  1. What a brilliant idea! I’m sure you two will have a smashing day together and he might learn some interesting new traditions. Will you watch The Queen together?

    On a more serious note: I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the birth of a child who was almost immediately taken across borders to a place of safety in Egypt because his life was threatened in his home country.

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