God I am SO glad that Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty.
I’ve been a bit obsessed by the Epstein/ Maxwell abuse saga, if I’m honest.

Let’s hope Prince Andrew is next to be in court, with the right verdict arrived at.

2 thoughts on “Result!

  1. I have also been horrified and fascinated by this. I have so many questions on the topic of child abuse in general and this case in specific, starting with: how can you do this while knowing it is morally wrong and not pause and reflect on that? And when you realise you are doing wrong, how can you carry on doing it?
    I understand that for Epstein, that would have been part of his kick, and possibly also for Maxwell. But how do powerful men who are not under the perpetrator’s power not recognise that this is immoral behaviour and turn round and say ‘this is wrong’? Some of the men linked with this story are Princes and Presidents, powerful men with access to the media and the police. How could they not say ‘mate, this is very wrong, knock it off or I’ll have to have a chat to the coppers’?
    In not doing that, they’re as complicit as Maxwell.

    1. I truly think that there are an awful ( in the literal sense ) lot of men that DO actually think it’s acceptable, IF they are the ones that get laid, as in their mindset being ‘ well I’m clearly not a pervert but this is ok this time blah blah blah ‘.
      The need for sexual gratification is strong, and in ‘ the powerful’ is somehow justified as being their right/ reward.

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