Two nights of little sleep and spasms… which is all bladder/ catheter related.. and I feel a bit done in. It’s easy at this point for my ‘ mood ‘ to plummet.. but it hasn’t. I am now far far ‘ happier’ in my own company than I was for the first 7 years, when I just couldn’t bear to be alone with my ( despairing ) thoughts.
I mean thank God for smart phones ( which for the likes of me do provide a lifeline to be honest ) Yes, I’d far rather be out canoeing and cycling and going to work etc than playing online scrabble on my phone.. but hey it could be worse. And if you think you can beat me regularly at Scrabble Go then you’re very welcome to try !

Thanks to G for her help this morning particularly. Long term supra public catheter use isn’t without its complications sadly, those being UTI’s/ spasms and leaks.
Leeks would be ok, but leaks I can do without.

Helped into bed for an early night carries with it the eventuality of a sleep that ends at 3 am and then hours of awakeness.. and it’s not like I can get up and do something… productive. Again it’s phone or the TV. Audiobooks via my phone are a godsend, I have to say, easily being the best way to lull me to sleep.
Stephen Fry’s and Michael Caine’s voices ( they narrate ) seem to work best – no idea why.

Fry’s ‘Victorian Secrets’ and Caine’s ‘ Heroes ‘ I can definitely recommend!

2 thoughts on “Zzzz

  1. On the subject of audiobooks, I blame you for my dependance on Alexa because I now listen to Stephen Fry reading Sherlock Holmes to send me to sleep. I recommend Kobna Holdbrook-Smith reading the Rivers of London books as well.

    1. Ahhh finally!
      I’ve made a difference to someone’s life!
      But yes, ole Stephen definitely sends you to the Land of Nod!

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