What do you do..?

Another piece of lockdown is probably going to be upon us very soon. It’s Christmas week and just the one bought and paid for bit of entertainment is still on – everything else has been postponed.. so I’ve wheeled/ tubed it to Camden ( where I once worked for a couple of very funny years .. to the Roundhouse, to see Ocean Colour Scene.
Well it’s fairly packed in here, to be fair, though the wheelchair balcony bit is actually the only socially distanced part! That’s probably good, given the rife new variant in London in particular.
You wouldn’t know it from the amount of people not wearing masks on the Tube though – there isn’t an awful lot of respect for the Mayor’s decree that masks are compulsory, and again it’s the racial minorities that are the most numerous ‘ law breakers ‘.
Pre wheelchair I think I’d have been vocal in asking people to put masks on.. but I’m a bit helpless now if someone gets aggressive. Given an 83 year old lady was stabbed in Brentford just a month ago outside the kebab shop… I don’t think being in a wheelchair protects me from much. Once upon a time it just wouldn’t have been right for someone to stab me.. but now it’s a case of ‘ no rules ‘ I sense.

It’s a cold and foggy night, but hey I’m glad I made the effort. My friend Sarah pulled out today, so it’s just me on my lonesome. But no matter!

5 thoughts on “What do you do..?

  1. Ever since you wrote about how often, at concerts people who are in wheelchair don’t always get the best view, I find myself looking at to where that seating is and ensure I’m not blocking anyone’s way.
    You’ve definitely brought an awareness via this blog.
    Have a good Christmas 😊.

    1. Hey Beth.
      Thanks for being considerate then, and pleased to have made a difference to one person at least!
      Yesterday as I struggled to get through the door of a coffee shop, I did wonder how long it would take before someone helped .. someone invariably does, but I feel there’s a long way to go before there’s a rush of people!! 😂

      1. That just hurts my head.
        Why the fuck wouldn’t you help?
        With the young it has to come down to parenting, I will continue to instil the same values my parents instilled in me; Say thank you, be polite, open doors to your elders and people more vulnerable than yourself and generally if someone is behind you or coming towards you, smile and look people in the eye. It isn’t that hard!!

        1. And yet it is…….. values haven’t ‘ progressed’ really.
          I know it because I’m IN it…

          But thankfully there is usually a Beth to help x

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