Wise words from my buddy.

A thought you might consider regarding your post based on what I’m reading and my own experiences over the last couple of years.  It might be that your use of the antibiotics (necessary of course for UTI’s) has not only killed off the bad bugs, but also put a big whack on your “good” gut bacteria?  This might explain some of the mood swings as well?  Definitely an established link between gut and mind.  Anyway, may be worth exploring with a more holistic type doctor and dietician with a good background in restoring the necessary gut bacteria that may have been destroyed.  Possible that you may be already aware or have explored this route, but thought I’d mention in any event.  Would be great to talk to you at some point – still need to have that “virtual coffee”!!
Dairy and gluten free changed my life..  Give it a go, can’t hurt.  All of the antibiotics you’ve had have probably distorted your gut causing the issues you described in an earlier post.  In any event, I tried it (against my will and thinking it was all BS) and it made a huge difference as for years I suffered from digestive distress – heartburn mainly.  Took loads of tablets, nothing helped until I changed my diet (which I didn’t think was that bad prior).   Now, not cured but no tablets!  Side benefits – feel younger, joints don’t ache (thought that was old age), haven’t had a cold in 4 yrs (as opposed to regular sinus infections), lost 10lbs mainly around my waist which I attribute to internal inflammation..  crazy stuff and all the doctors I’d seen over the years had told me a diet change wouldn’t help me when I asked them this specific question!!
Take care mate and please stay in touch when you need another pen pal..  ;-).   Pulling for you!!  You definitely have the mental toughness to handle this new challenge!

5 thoughts on “Wise words from my buddy.

      1. My bowel action calmed down while I was taking it… hard to know whether there was a direct connection but I’d say yes.

  1. Not sure whether you can get them in Portugal but Acidopholus supplements replace gut bacteria when you’re on antibiotics.

    And you need to get some box sets of lighter stuff! How about all the Carry On films??

    Auntie Mary xx

    1. Hey AM!
      Well I’m going all holistic and seeing what happens… food pretty much free of stuff ( though let’s face it, that’s not that possible given the pollution everywhere ..) but short of growing female breasts ( and at least I could play with them ) what harm is there in trying!?

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