April 21st.

We’ve tried adjusting the angle of the Mountain Trike so that I might be able to propel it better, but whilst the angle was better, the pain in my rib cage was too much for me to take, so we got me back out of it.  I got help into my regular chair and then did ten sets of modified pull ups instead, followed by other arm and chest stuff involving elastic resistance bands and a Power Spin device. The thing is that I do need the physical release to make my mind relax – I’ve always been that way and it’s not going to alter after all this time. Thank God I can use my arms, still. It’s beyond contemplation to think of a life with no limb use, for me, so I must feel a bit grateful.

Thank you all for sending so many messages to me, out here, via my blog, by text and by calls. Some are from people I havent even met, which is incredibly touching. They do of course make a difference to me in a big way.

Yes, Margaret, you can be maid of honour, as long as Pia can be a bridesmaid 😊…. How many bridesmaids can you have, and is there an age limit? Can you have an adult pageboy? So much I don’t know! Can someone find out for me?!

Obviously I’m not actually about to get married – but who knows what my future might be?! I know it’ll be brighter than my past of 5 yrs

So I’ve ordered new batteries for my iBot from USA – so hopefully they’ll get to Britain soon ish and my tech genius buddy, Lester ( and Toby ) will  install them – no easy task I’m sure, but they’re clever guys! Then I hope the iBot will get at least a temporary lease of new revitalised life

Thunderstorms in Portugal while London bakes… its stopped raining for a bit so I’ll go out soon on my Triride – tho the bracket is breaking again ( as it did when I went to Paris with Stella )  This is a different bracket so it’s evidently a design fault and needs welding   Perhaps I can get that done here.

My credit card has just been used fraudulently so it’s been stopped – a minor inconvenience overall, but getting the replacement to me may take a bit.

I may come back in May for a bit, if Ashley can cope with myself and my Carer!? I have some gigs that we can go to, and that would be a very positive thing for me!



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