Windy In London atm

Having abdominal surgery makes you bloat.
Lying down makes your lungs fill with phlegm.

Then you want to cough up the phlegm.
Except when you cough that stresses the stitches in your stomach.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Desperate to cough up the crap in your lungs but every cough hurts like hell. Like being stabbed in the stomach.

Also just a case of having to wait for the gas to come out… aided so far by 3 packets of sugar free polos.
Normally that would give me drastic diarrhoea but no sign of that happening. Just a blessed signing fart every now and again.


5 thoughts on “Windy In London atm

  1. Hi Russell

    I hope your recent surgery was successful and that you have a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

    I have somehow come across this blog which caught my eye, for some mysterious reason, and quizzically looking into it realised with shock that yes it was the very one and only Russell Dawkins I knew!

    My heart goes out to you for all you’ve been through, all you’re going through and all that you will go through. I salute you for the way you have stayed positive and motivated and having a goal to help others who are in similar situations regardless of what you yourself are going through.

    You have a lot of great loyal kind friends around you and seem to be enjoying and making the most of your life.

    Reading your blog just brings home that we should be happy and grateful for all that we have.

    It was my pleasure to have worked with you (not for long and many many moons ago) and truly wish you well. Now I’ve found the blog will try and keep up with your ongoings but may take some time to catch up and read about your past 10 years!

    Keep smiling my lovely, look after yourself, be happy and keep doing what you’re doing as I know it’s helped and will continue to help others.

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