Fat man

I came home yesterday.
I figured my own environment was going to be better adapted ( literally) for me than the hospital ( which was true ).

Tube and road for the Buddha in the wheelchair.
Gina followed me in a bus ( other than being with me on the Tube).

I was still MASSIVELY BLOATED- it’s not a great look tbh – but I knew it would be finite.
One high point was suddenly feeling sick 🤢.
Not been sick for about 8 years, and it’s not like I can rush to the loo or even lean over the bath or any of those types of things.
I grabbed a plastic bag just in time .. before chucking up 3 times.
I had to then wheelchair to the loo using one hand at a time, around several corners, swapping the full bag from hand to hand…
And spilling some…

I then had to avoid wheeling through the sick. Well once it’s on your wheels it goes wherever you go.
Bit of a nightmare then at a time I felt pretty low anyway.
Anyway I managed to sort it out, going back with disinfectant wipes and a long handled grabber to clean the floor.

I’d felt beyond sleepy prior to that .. but it’s amazing how awake that situation made me… 🤷💦💦💦

I had to wait a few hours for Gina to get back and she stayed here last night too.
Yes she had to be asked to help me several times, predictably ,
so just the biggest thanks to Gina for the last 5 days.
Overnight about 3 litres of urine came out of me as well as the other stuff 💩. At last progress has been made!
Different rules apply to me with ‘ bowel management post op ‘. I need a 💩 load more laxatives etc than a normal body would, or else I stay like a Buddha who owns a cake shop.

So I’m getting there!
Still bloody painful tho.

Thanks to Roy, Russ, Chris and Toby for being visitors. I was so sleepy throughout , I was nodding off continuously.
They aren’t boring guys! Honest! It was me and my drugs interacting.

I’m going to have to take it easy these next few days ( think the hospital said next few months ) but that’s not going to happen. Too much to do!

Stomach far flatter than yesterday but hardly Kat e Moss just yet.
Yesterday I thought my stitches were going to burst under the pressure, but they didn’t!

And Wales thrashing Australia was a tonic tbh. Can’t recall watching that happen EVER before.

Spasms definitely less too. That was the objective and so far it’s working.
Early days tho!

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