2am Thursday

Back in hospital at 2am on Friday, after leaving here on Wednesday.
I was repeatedly blocked up, and yesterday to an extreme degree.
Everything I swallowed I vomited back up with extra and I therefore got progressively more dehydrated. God I felt like shite. Truly.

I waz throwing up this green coloured fluid by the end. I don’t even know what it was, because it didn’t even taste like sick.

I’m now in hospital with this disgusting tube up my nose. Christ it’s uncomfortable, up you’re not se and down your throat. It sucks vomit from your stomach. It’s like some medieval torture and it’s been in for 3 hours.
Like I needed to be tortured after a fairly unpleasant week.

6 thoughts on “2am Thursday

  1. Aw, Russ! Sounds hideous. Little to write that’s not empty/trite platitudes, but I hope you’re soon ‘back on track.’ Thinking of you x

        1. Let’s see.
          More than happy to sue them again.
          They don’t listen to my input.
          The last guy didn’t. Hence me now needing a carer. That wouldn’t have happened if he’d listened to me

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