Christ I am now so hacked off with this situation. It’s an interminable waiting game for my bowel tract to unblock. If it doesn’t then it’s surgery again.
Me and this hospital have a long association.
None of it is positive.

It was the place I was flown to from Toulon in 2013. It’s where I was first put in a wheelchair.
I was In intensive care back then and my life had changed for ever In every way.

I get that painful flashback again and again. Being here is like being trapped in a nightmare.
I wouldn’t be surprised if today is the anniversary of my first ever trip outside in a wheelchair.
I did exactly that today and it was a full on PTSD type mental experience.
I so want it to be over.
This place sucks the life out of me, it really does.

2 thoughts on “Awful

    1. Yes I know Ms C.. it’s absolutely only something those of us unfortunate to be in this club do understand.
      Those days are generally thoughts not normally had by me now.
      But HERE .. it’s all around me.
      But not for much longer!

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