Hospital again!

This time for ‘abdominal’ surgery.

Plan – to do something about my spasms

Really working on those all the time. Intense pummel massage on parts of my legs which seem to be the ‘ knots ‘ .. and now surgery to alter my digestion ..

So, 22 to 26th I’ll be yet again in hospital.

Go me.

I’ve had far worse!

6 thoughts on “Hospital again!

  1. And Gina gets some respite from you – win, win!
    Seriously though, I really hope the result gives some relief from the spasms, I’ve got everything crossed for you.

    1. Ha!
      The truly wonderful Gina is actually going to ‘ look after ‘ me and my ‘ affairs’ whilst I’m in hospital…. by her own volition! So not really! 😂
      And yes, let’s hope !!!

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