Wheel into Christmas

I’m very much 👀 ing forward to actually having my mum cooking Christmas dinner for me ( and for my Dad ) this year!

I’ve actually not seen a member of my immediate family on Christmas Day for many years now, and was expecting the same this year.

But no! Not this year! TWO members of my family. Like buses – none for ages and then two at the same time. ..

I think my offspring might be in Sevenoaks with Lizzy or something … mmm that whole thing gets weirder and weirder, but I’m sure they’ll have fun, what with the Selection Box of recreational drugs and the Fortune Teller as well, maybe a festive séance – what’s not to like?
I hope they all have a blast. ( Of course Fortune Tellers tend to be gypsies and they’re family oriented, so they may not want to hear what she says about the ostracised paralysed dad situation . )

But anyway! My chin and thumb are infection free but painful. My escalator trauma spasms have now stopped ( thank goodness ) and my shoulder isn’t quite so bad.

Now however I have definitely exceeded my Nine Lives quota.. so I imagine unless I just stay in all the time from now on, this’ll be my last Christmas.

So it’s going to be a corker!!


PS Thanks for all the kind words and wishes I’ve received. Appreciated!!

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