Actually can’t remember writing the last post. Think I was probably concussed.

I remember falling down the escalator and then some paramedics and someone foreign helping me.

Can’t remember getting back though.

Today and last night tho I have mental spasms and pissing myself ( in a way that isn’t my normal ).

Hurt my right arm and shoulder as well.

I’m buggered without my arms and hands.

Jesus Christ.
Hanging on by a thread. Thumb badly cut chin too.
Held together with tape. 👍🙄

6 thoughts on “Conçussion?

  1. Hope your OK our Russ just upset to hear that news knowing your situation, you needed that like a whole in the head,must have really shocked your whole system by the sound of it take it easy for a few days Russ let you body you Aunty’s Gill and

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