Well there’s a NOTE TO SELF reminder.
Never entrust a biologically born female with anything life threateningly wheelchair practical.

As this evening I tumbled head over heels all the way down an escalator In London Bridge station, I did wonder how the flying fuck that had come to pass.. given I was In the company of TWO ‘ able bodied ( well physically at least ) females.

Never again then… just ask a biologically born male to assist ( well unless it’s my ex Wendy who was superlative ) … or I’m in trouble.

I’ve a massive gash on my left thumb and a bigger gash under my chin, but no way I’m going to A and E. Yes the paramedics told me to go, but I refused.
I called my other help, Samantha, who’s a lot more practical.. and between us we’ve used superglue and one steristrip ( 5 years out of date ) and some decorating masking tape.

Well.. that should do it ?

Let’s face it – I’ve had a shit load worse.

Presumably I’ve damaged other stuff I can’t feel.
I’m in bed now and my legs are in constant jerking spasms. That happens when I’m in pain. Pain that I can’t actually feel. F knows what else I’ve done.
Anyway. No way I’m going to a hospital.

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