Chris….. tmas

Yet another ‘ how the F did I not die ‘ experience.
Just after coming off the A4 at 11.35 pm.. I break down. Total power failure. Brakes stuck on as well. Could push with my arms at max 0.5 miles per hour. With 3 miles to go and probably 1 below that didn’t look good.
Thankfully a man ( Pete ) helped me to a bus stop and pulled me up the bus ramp. Then I asked a lady if she’d push me the mile home from the bus stop.

She said yes. Thank you so much Total Stranger ( Caroline)
She called her husband and he came to do the pushing. Thank you Lawrence!

Must be the Xmas Spirit. People aren’t usually so willing to assist.

I was lucky. That was a close one tbh.

Earlier today… as I ‘ attended ‘ ( virtually online viewing ) the funeral of my lovely buddy, Chris Myatt, I realised I had a flat right hand tyre.
I was supposed to be wheeling to a tube station 10 minutes later, but instead ( thank the Lord ) I was near Fudge’s bike shop in Chiswick.
I went in and ( bless them !) the 3 guys there leant my chair over, stuck a support underneath my axle, pulled the wheel off, changed my inner tube with F1 speed, leant me over again, Jack out, wheel on and Go.
Not quite 7 seconds.. but only a few minutes.

And then…. refused to charge me !

Massive gratitude to Fudge in Chiswick then.

Every Fudge needs a nudge… right?
Top lads!

I’d said I was online watching my buddy’s funeral as they did my wheel. I think that was why they wouldn’t charge me. So Chris – that was you from beyond the grave once more helping me.
May you Rest In Peace, my friend. ♥️

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