What a day…

When things start happening in the wold of ‘rehab’ , they really kick off.
After a very slow start to the day, I’ve (literally) been hoisted into a kind of wheelchair, and left in it for 35 mins to see how if cope (very well in fact, tho with limited neck strength leading to a Bombay head wobble), I’ve had a new tracheotomy fitted (under  general anaesth) with a valve that means I can speak, and I’ve had leg physio where I’ve had to visualise doing stuff – like trying to kick the lady physio in the boobies.
I’ve had Toby Strauss and Dickon Stainer, Lisa Collins and Chris Benforrs ( who optimistically brought wine, Dani and my girls have been and I’m expecting Billy and Olivia later.
I now sound like an extra from the new Dr Who, and who knows, maybe look like one.
I’ve had a lovely message from my canoe pal, Roxanne (with whom I won the DW mixed division a few yrs ago, and defied my nil by mouth status by eating a mini bar of white White and Black chocolate. Ooh there’s rebellious I am…. I just couldn’t take it any more!

All this on 3 hours sleep, so abs shattered now.

Wanna thank you all for your ongoing support through this, it makes it much easier.

I know it’s hard to leave a comment on the site, but if you like email it to me on rdawkins2@sky.com and I’ll post it for you from this end. After all I’ve got F all to do other than visualise kicking my physio in the tits


3 thoughts on “What a day…

  1. Blimey Russ – can’t believe the pace of your recovery- good job as The Planktons are coming en famille next week so you will really need it!!!
    Love The Foghorn xx

  2. Russ, you forgot to mention the beers as well. Ever the optimist, I look forward to cracking them open next time.
    Keep the blogging going. Its one of the days highlights.
    See you when I am back from hols.

  3. If they hoist you in the wheelchair thing tomorrow, fancy doing a “Little Britain” tour round the Critical Care unit…? If you play your cards right, I might even take you OUTSIDE the ward and show you the visitors loo…..

    I know, don’t tell me I don’t know how to show you a good time :-s

    Love you, gorgeous

    DANI xxxx

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