Update by Dani. Xx

Lots of tests and assessments this week at the new hospital – so the rehab will not properly get under way until next week. A bit frustrating (particularly for Russ) but a completely understandable approach. We had a meeting with Russ’s rehab “team” yesterday. Think there were 7 of them and that does not include any of the doctors from the various specialities who are treating various aspects of post-injury issues. So, a very comprehensive team of specialist spinal rehab folk. I had to be assessed today to ensure I can safely push Russ’s current wheelchair. It’s a mother of a wheelchair but I am pleased to say that I passed (felt a bit like taking my driving test all over again!) and am now all clear to take Russ out and about in St.John’s Wood whenever he has “free time” in his daily timetable. For someone who spent hours on the river pretty much every day of the year (and who has now been holed up in various hospitals for 11 weeks now), I think as much fresh air and sunlight will be truly invigorating going forward. First trip out was to a local park and was well timed to fit in with a splurge of visitors who arrived at 4pm. There were 10 of us in total so Russ was a bit like the pied piper being followed by a whole train of people. It’s like “wheelchair land” around St.John’s Wood High Street, all clearly residents of The Wellington. Anyway, we took in the park and then visited the local ice-cream shop. Hilariously, I then got a slightly panicked call from the ward sister, asking if all was OK as we’d been out for so long!!! :-s Apparently Russ is going to be fitted for a new, slim-line self-propelling wheelchair next week. So, no doubt he will be doing some “timed” laps around Regents’ Park before too long…..Watch this space 🙂 Xxxx

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