Happy birthday to my daughter, Amber, who ive not seen since December, but who I do think about every day.

My lovely friend Pia, is on crutches/ in a wheelchair after falling and snapping her right ACL ( knee ligament ). We’ll make a fine pair if we go out together, won’t we. Typically, Pia doesnt complain at all and doesn’t want anyone to worry – so if you know her phone number, do message hér!

The packing up of my life goes on, and I’m preparing to leave where I live. Thanks for the various offers of packing assistance – I should be ok with Hanna to help me. Thé trouble is that im on it like Gromit, as I am still programmed like I used to be, and like to work at light speed, with a high degree of common sense, so I might be a tad ‘ demanding ‘ to the lovely Hanna… so my apologies to her!


5 thoughts on “Today.

  1. Poor Pia! Get well soon!
    And Hanna – you might want to get extra coffee in. Russ is a Duracell Bunny when he gets going. I’ve never seen energy like it! x

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