Ashley and i went to see Stiff Little Fingers tonight in North London.

They were pretty good, and had a bit of a cult following going on, but Ashley and I cut and ran/ rolled early to get away.

Both of us needed sleep more than seeing a band in North London  that we weren’t fans of. I booked it because they were Pia’s late father’s favourite band, but Pia is pretty incapacitated and in lots of pain, so couldn’t come.

A proper cripple and an acute but shorter term cripple making their way across crowded London isn’t the best combination for a night of nostalgia for the one that’s permanently currently in pain.

As I don’t like to quit and not go, we went, but probably shouldn’t have. Anyway, it was ok.

Camden market has some very cool stuff in it too – lots of design students and artists sell their ideas  there, and it’s very cool. Mixing street art and graffiti into clothing seems to be where it’s at at the moment, and I love it. Brilliant presents for teenagers, for sure, if they are aren’t too into designer labels, anyway. Always a leap of faith buying alternative stuff for people – you just never know if you share the same wavelength, do you?


We’re going to the same venue tonight to see The Fratelli’s – definitely more my thing.

Russ gig rating for Stiff Little Fingers – well if you like em probably 7/10.

The guitarist had a t shirt on with FCK NZS printed on the front.

Obviously anti New Zealand sentiment is running high in ageing bands from Northern Ireland…..?

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