I entrusted the wonderful Hanna to buy a new sheet and duvet cover, as I only had one of each.


They arrived.

I hadn’t realised that she wasn’t aware my Nan passed away some time ago, and wouldn’t be coming to stay…

4 thoughts on “Hanna…

  1. So….let’s get the story right. I choosed the bedding and put it in your Amazon basket, for you to check it and, if you like it, to buy it!
    Guess what?!? You just pressed check out without paying any attention to what I put in there….so…who’s fault it is?
    Anyway, I like it a lot and it goes lovely on my bed.
    Thank you for your present, Lord D:):):)

    PS: there is no way I will let you ruin this lovely sunny day:):):)

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