Thank you.

Thank you to my 2 carers, both from Romania, who are quite simply fantastic. I’ve long ago learned that that relationship is incredibly important to my wellbeing. Having these 2 professional yet fun girls in my life is indeed a blessing.

Hanna and Krisztina – you da best.



Thanks to Ashley for appearing in my life, to Rob and Mark for what they have recently done for me, and to everyone else that is sincere in my life.

If ive got anything to do with it, you’ll all go to heaven.

I doubt I’ll see you there, as I’ll be far below, but hey you never know ?!

3 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Thank you for the nice words. You are a lovely person as well and beeing there for you it’s a pleasure(not quite all the time but most of it:):).

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