And great to see my ickle Yukon race chum at the end of his 63 mile jog from Brighton to London..
Good effort young Rob. You didn’t half smell at the end mind.

Thank you to Elizabeth for coming to the theatre to see Stranger Things with me. Neither of us had a clue it was like a cult following. You can optionally swap the letter L for an N.
Anyway it was weird but pretty good. Another ‘ play ‘ that used actors AND a background film footage. Seems to have crept into theatre ! Plays are half films now. Maybe they should be called Flays.

Saw Back to Black with Suzy Sue. Really moving film. I used to work in Camden and it was a bit of a hedonistic time for me tbh! But I didn’t get addicted to all the alcohol I drank and I didn’t take any drugs at all. Unlike Amy. I used to think she was a bit of a skank. Now I don’t. I can see she was supremely talented and just made bad choices which screwed her up because she just couldn’t handle them. I have an addictive personality.. but not to drugs .. mine is exercise.. in the main ( and other stuff I won’t write about .. ) I still exercise for hours a day often but of course now it’s only a few parts I can actually work on. 🤷

Thanks massively to Marky P for all his help with my van. It’s now actually possible for me to drive it safely! Before… well it wasn’t safe at all. Now I have a wheelchair that is attached to the floor of the vehicle so that when I crash.. I’ll stay in the van rather than end up mangled on the car bonnet. And thanks to Toby too, plus to Auto Mobility Concepts of Hemel Hempstead – really helpful people!

And always always thanks to Gina G x

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