Skinny Pete and the wee bottle affair.

I had a date at the weekend. We went to see Peter Kay in the O2. Blimey I bought those tickets in 2019, I think. Then it was the pandemic etc etc and eventually the show was on Saturday.
My date and I enjoyed it. He is a funny fella.
HOWEVER.. and I’m not one to stick a negative on weight loss.. but the funny fat guy is now a bit of a serious looking thin ish guy. He’s got the same voice of course, and the same humour etc but in his particular case .. it’s definitely detracted from his act!

My date did stay for the weekend.. but after she had gone and I then went with my chum Roy to see the Black Keys in (the newly reopened ) Brixton Academy.. I sent her a message saying I didn’t think we had enough chemistry to make a partnership likely… well Blankety Blank ( that’s not her real name ) … got really cross.
Whereas she’d thanked me for a lovely weekend.. now I was ‘ an arse’ , ‘ arrogant’ and ‘ obnoxious’ no less. Well if I was all of those things, why would she have thanked me for a lovely weekend? I think it was because she was a bit f’d off I didn’t tell her she was dreamy instead.
I don’t usually go on dates with ladies who haven’t been mums. Mums are nice and not fazed so much by the ‘ downsides’ of paralysis.
Blankety Blank was a bit horrified by me asking her to transport a bottle of wee ( yes wee ) to the loo when she was going anyway. I mean I can’t actually get into one in my triride so the obvious option is to stick it in a bottle and ask my ( CARER TICKETED ) companion to do that for me.

No more non mums for me! 😂
My error, totally.
Only done it once before and she was equally horrified by the same request actually. Clearly I have faith in humanity and it’s misplaced.

Thanks to Mr Roy for a fun night in Brixton!
I got home via Triride on the 11 mile trip .. 15 minutes faster than he did via vehicular transport. See, everyone should have a wheelchair and a triride.

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