Cheap? Nah.

After the bruising encounter with Blankety Blank on the weekend.. I escaped by triride to north London. I got a free ticket for The Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead ( no less ). Bit moneyed up there, tis.
The artwork was pretty cool, I have to say… although not that affordable unless you live in Hampstead.. ahhhh that explains the Fair location! Doh!

Because a park on a hill doesn’t have flat paths ( obviously ) it felt pretty precarious most of the time when in Hampstead parkland.. particularly around the world famous bathing ponds. I felt i could topple over at any second for just about all of the time.

Using a phone satnav isn’t always the best idea for the 13 mile trip home. .. this happens a lot. I set it to WALK directions.. yet it then flips to DRIVE There’s no notification that it has flipped until… you turn onto a major road.

The North Circular in the rush hour wasn’t my plan. Once on i decided to just brave it all the way back…. but I should have got off it asap in retrospect. Too big a road and too many cars and lorries. When you are going at the same speed or faster than the traffic… that’s fine. But when it’s speeding past you, it’s scary tbh.

Not as scary as being in a conversation with Blankety though. Give me dicing with death on the roads any day 😳

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