And thanks to Suzanne for restoring my faith in online dating sites… after a really good day out at Twickenham stadium and afterwards at The Cabbage Patch pub. Not places I’d usually go, as a Welsh fella but her brother has a big connection with Barnstable Rugby Club.. who were playing in the Papa John’s Cup Final!
Winners get free pizzas for life ( probably ).

Well after a bloody end to end game and a 35-35 draw .. the other side ( Heath ) were declared the winners because they scored the first try?! That’s the rule ..
SHAME! But hey. All the Heath players will be big fat bastards in a few years after all the free pizzas, so it’s better to have lost.

Her family day out .. and I was invited.
Big love to Suzy and her lovely fam.

One thought on “Pizza

  1. You big softy 😊
    To be fair , you are quite funny for a Welsh Fella 😄
    What a fun day xx loved sharing it with you 😘

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