An extract from my spinal consultant’s letter.

I have observed Mr Dawkins transferring from the chair to the bed fully assisted.
Transfer was
very unsafe. His spasm was triggered by the minimum movement, the spasm presented in an extensor pattern, the paraspinal muscles contracting pushing him into the bed and his legs going into extension.
We have discussed the possible oral pharmacotherapy. I suggested to start Tizanidine at a dose of 2mg QDS and for the dose to be gradually increased over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
The target dose could be 6mg QDS of 8mg TDS.
I will review him at regular intervals and
adjust further his oral medications..
We discussed the possibility of trialling Clonazepam,
Clonidine, Dantrolene, Methocarbamol but for now he is only going to be on Tizanidine.
Seeing the spasticity today and the spasms pattern I would be inclined to try the botulinum toxin again but to target only the paraspinal muscles this time. I will therefore see him as soon as possible and inject a total of 1500 units of botulinum toxin type A to his paraspinal muscles bilaterally.
Providine a range of acute and community services across buckinghamsure

My leg rigidity it just so extreme now, they are like planks. Everything is getting harder and harder..
I bloody hope the drugs make a difference

I’m like this because of the dire surgery performed in 2016 by a doctor that I sued for médical negligence. After 6 years he settled out of court. I got a fraction of the what I might have had ( and deserve ) if I had gone all the way to court. However such is the system.. I may have actually ended up with nothing at all.

Then my ex wife went after me for a slice of what I did get.
I think if she actually knew/ saw how much worse it is for me, even her determination to screw me may have lessened..
Then again, perhaps not.

Anyway, I’ve not had the new meds yet. Let’s hope the side effects aren’t to make me really dopey, like some of the other antispasmodics have.


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