In the pursuit of being seen by other road users, I purchased a pretty cool rucksack, after I spied this dude on a skateboard in Hyde Park using one. It’s cool because it has an LED panel on the back. That means it’s like having a TV screen on your back, with moving images that are of your choosing. Now obvs that makes you 1/ highly visible and 2/ gives you scope to have a laugh with what you put on the screen.

You can download GIFS – short repeating videos – as many as you want, and have them playing in sequence, or draw your own pictures, or write your own messages that can flash, can repeat, can move in different ways etc etc. You can be sensible, or you can be ‘ topical ‘ or risqué …

I imagine I could be stopped by the Feds for anything indecent/ too offensive, so I so far have been ( sort of ) sensible. The novelty of being sensible will wear off soon I’m sure.

Floods and Corona then. One of em is gonna get you or someone you know quite soon. It’s when Corona starts killing ( old ) famous people that the reality will kick in. No one is exempt… it’s in Italy in a big way and will infiltrate the Vatican City. All those cardinals and the Pope… all old. Presidential candidates in America…. all old peeps. Go abroad and catch it, go to crowded places and catch it, or get your mates round to yours and catch it. I’m fascinated by it, and what will happen. Not in an obsessive way, but it’s bringing down companies and will change the world. Losing a billion people will make a fair difference to man’s effect on the planet ( well provided we don’t burn everyone and add to global warming via that )

Aye Corona!

Staying in more because of the unrelenting rain means more cosy nights in with my girl ( when she’s in London ) Watching films in bed isn’t too awful an option when you are with a beautiful woman, who happens to be breathtakingly fit. Wendy is a very rare thing – the body of a 25 year old athlete ( with just the most amazing bum ) despite being a mum of 2 in her 40’s… well that’s good for me! Plus she’s most certainly the most snuggly and loving woman I’ve ever met ( by far ) .. so it’s not all bad in my world any more.

Great to see Cress and Toby yesterday ( for lunch no less ), to see a fair bit of Marky P, including Royal Geograpical Society nights, to spend a day watching the rugby with Leigh, to seeing Lily, to seeing some old mates at Clair’s party, and to teach my brand of English to the varied selection of peeps that turn up to my class. I get housewives and I get refugees, I get young and old. They are all positive and they all smile a lot, despite their ‘ situations’ not being ones they are used to or wished for.
The Overprivileged could certainly learn a lot from em, that’s for sure. They seem to like me, and all show a lot of humanity. It’s a bit weird being called Sir, and no, I didn’t ask to be, but they all seem to insist on doing it. Respect is alive and well, if not so much so amongst the British born and bred. …

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