To help with transferring me from wheelchair to bed and back, and wheelchair to another wheelchair, and as I can’t do this myself since I was filled with metalwork, I now have 2 electric hoists. One’s in my bedroom and one is outside under cover on the terrace ( as I just don’t have room inside ) One is powered by a rechargeable battery and the other charges via the mains. Both however stop working when there’s a charging issue, and there’s no manual override or anything to enable me to go upwards. Occasionally I’m sort of halfway up and the hoist will start to beep, or just stop, and I’m left dangling. That’s ok if someone is there, but as I don’t always have assistance there it’s the case that sometimes I’m a bit buggered and by myself. The other day I was outside, it was bloody cold and the thing stopped about a foot up and a foot short of where I needed it. I managed to reach something to one side and hauled myself over to the right position, but it’s touch and go at best. I’ve decided to buy manual chain block and tackle hoists that are used in construction instead. Well they aren’t pretty but they are going to be reliable, and stop me being bloody stranded.
On the same topic, 2 nights ago I went outside to crack a coconut ( like you do ) against the railing on the terrace. Well there’s nothing hard enough indoors, hence my choice. I have to go side on to the railings and then smash the nut. It was dark and one wheel went into the soil flowerbed. … which I sort of ignored. But then when I tried to wheel away I couldn’t. I was stuck fast in the mud, tilted to one side and in the dark. Well bloody hell, I was pulling as hard as I could on the wheel rims and then the railing, trying to dislodge myself for about 10 minutes. It was dark, very cold and I just had a t shirt on. Because I have so much metal in my back I can’t turn my torso so my directions of travel are limited to forward and back, whereas I needed to go diagonally. Obviously I contemplated shouting for help but then I have the gamble of who jumps over the wall to help, perhaps opting to just leave me stranded and instead just rob me.. well you never know, right? Anyway after a shit load of effort, but definitely seeming to sink lower in the mud, I managed to escape , though unbelievably in the process managed to tangle a wheel in the solar lighting wires… and that’s a casualty.

Yet another lesson learned then. Life is a journey for sure!

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