This is a post by a British friend of Wendy’s who lives in Italy..

Is Italy the Corona virus crystal ball for the rest of the world?

It arrived here first in the western hemisphere and is spreading to every corner of the globe, I expect what has happened here to be mirrored everywhere else, with a four week time lag, I wanted to post this to temper the media fear-mongering that I hear is prevalent, so here’s a brief roundup of what to expect based on facts.

Five weeks ago we had 60 positive cases.

As of this evening, we have 9200+/- positives, another 1800 in the last 24 hours, as each day passes now, the number of new cases seems to increase exponentially.

The mortality rate in Italy at the moment is 5% and slowly climbing, partially attributed to the larger than average elderly population I would guess.

10% of people that contract the virus need hospitalisation and now hospitals are so full in the red zones that cancer treatments are being stopped and authorities have decided upon a demographic to accept into care to try to save and the rest will go untreated, there simply isn’t the space in the hospitals or the staff.

All schools and universities are closed nationwide.

All public events have been cancelled nationwide.

Shaking hands is banned.

Church services have been banned.

All civil services such as marriages and funerals are prohibited nationwide.

All cinemas and theatres are closed nationwide as are pubs, bars for the meantime remain open.

Restaurants are staying open for the moment so long as they rearrange seating to give spacing of one metre between customers but it seems the customers aren’t going anyway.

The red zones have been closed off, effectively quarantining 16 million people, a quarter of the population, anyone caught trying to leave these zones face fines or three month prison sentences.

I don’t believe Italy will use methods of control as draconian as China has been accused of so I don’t know what that means for the national situation in say one months time, if numbers keep climbing as they are, by the end of March there could be 40,000 positive cases and it seems the great hope is for the heat of summer to deal with the virus, that will be maybe three months away at least.

The Italian economy is going to be in tatters by the summer, at which point the country would normally be full of tourists that prop up the economy, this year that seems highly unlikely to happen.

So there you go then. Worldwide economic collapse in the offing, and large scale death of those that are weakest. Blimey….. sounds like it’s back to nature then. The weakest are supposed to die. It’s only ‘ modern advancement’ that keeps us all alive way beyond the ‘ natural ‘ lifespan we should have, with health and medical companies making huge profits from keeping everyone alive for ever. People like me shouldn’t be alive. I should have died at the time of my accident. My health is managed artificially. As im completely sanguine about death, if Corona took me then I wouldn’t give a monkeys arse. It’s certainly going to kill lots in my situation who are more disabled than me. Well that’s only natural isn’t it? It’s hard to argue otherwise, surely.
I haven’t stockpiled anything, but I do have quite a lot of wine so it could be worse.

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