And from my Buddy in Hong Pong.

Hong Kong is a higher risk area than Italy for 2 reasons: Firstly the density of our population; secondly our proximity and close relationship with China. We had our first coronavirus cases in mid Jan. So why has coronavirus been less severe in Hong Kong (116 cases, 3 deaths) than Italy? (It could still go bad again in HK…)

  1. The government take it seriously
    Having been through it before (SARS), the government closed schools (so far) until April 20th; the Chinese border is effectively closed (anyone crossing gets 14 days in quarantine). Compulsery quarantine has been extended to people coming from the most affected countries too.

  2. The population take it seriously
    People wear masks, wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and (mainly) avoid large scale social events. It’s also important to try not to touch your face, avoid kiss & handshake greetings and if you feel sick – stay home or go to the doctor!

  3. Businesses take it seriously
    A lot of people are working from home; I get my temperature taken about twice a day (on entering some business premises)

So there you have it – if the UK wants to avoid another Italy, the whole country needs to take it seriously and use its common sense… If the fact my Mum’s local Church are all still drinking out of the Communion Cup is representative, you have no chance!!!
Cheers all!

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