The Reunion.

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So we all reconvened for that big night out that we should have had in a bar in Toulon, a year ago.

The great bunch of guys that travelled to France, instead travelled to Chiswick last night to complete the circle.

We had the funniest night, oiled by a ridiculous number of tequila shots ( and a lot worse ).

Dickon, Glen, Roy, Toby, Neil, Pete, Alastair,Jerry, Sam and Robbie – all there.
Thanks to Kev, Dan, Ollie, Mike, Adam for coming too, and for the surprise crashing of the boys night out by Sarah, Patricia and Dani.

Having moved the ladies on, as is SURELY a tradition on the 1 year of paralysis diary, they made me go to a strip club – Secrets in Hammersmith.
Whose idea was that ?

Ok – mine, pre booked last week.

I got back at 3.30 am having had a proper night out ( that means I lost my bag, wallet and catheter selection ).
I’m hoping they’ll turn up somehow…

Lads, you made my night,made me forget my situation, made me laugh an awful lot, and made me feel that I’m still one of you.

Thanks so much.

2 thoughts on “The Reunion.

  1. Hi Russ, that was lovely to see,glad you still have good spirit,and can still enjoy yourself …that’s what you call Friends ..hope the wallet turns up love …..what are you like…keep it up …love you ….Win

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