The New World

This is what’ll happen in the absence of a cure of vaccine.
Most countries have acted far too slowly to contain Covid 19. People aren’t following social distancing guidelines and in any case are still going to work and mixing with many, many people. There are thousands of super spreaders who don’t even know they have the virus. All those contaminated take it home to their families and they all contract it too. It’s not going to be containable as a consequence.
Big business and the young don’t consider it their problem. Why should they alter their practices/ lifestyles when it’s not something they are going to even be ill from? The victims aren’t predominantly people at work, so why should they be concerned? I know that when I had my injury, ‘ the business ‘ had no emotional reaction. ‘ The business ‘ only worried about itself, not about me. It just made adjustments to carry on, with me as a casualty, and very dispensable.
The old and the sick ARE dispensable to modern society. People who aren’t old and sick themselves by and large don’t care about those that are, unless it’s immediate family ( and not even necessarily then )

This epidemic will kill millions over the next few months. Because people aren’t complying with social distancing, the infected numbers will far exceed the capacity of the health systems to cope. Therefore soon hospitals will have to start choosing who is ‘ worth treating’ and who isn’t. The doctors and nurses contract it through over exposure and die too, further reducing the health services ability to treat large numbers. So many will die, and soon.
As the fit, young and healthy will be unaffected, the world will soon just adjust to the ‘ new normal ‘ and accept death, as it does in war time.
Big Pharma drug companies will be absolutely besides themselves just now, scrabbling to find a vaccine, as if Covid kills off the sick, their ‘ market ‘ will be massively diminished. Big Pharma exists to sell drugs to keep the sick going ( not to cure them, but to keep them going – and dependant on their medications, on which they spend billions each year ) God forbid the virus kills off all the sick… the ‘ health’ businesses will go bankrupt.

Ironically of course, once this peak of infection kills millions, the hospitals will have far fewer patients in them than it did before all this started. Society will have been ‘ cleansed ‘ of the sick. Care homes and hospices will be virtually empty. The top layer of society ( age wise ) will have been sliced off. There’ll be an awful lot of middle aged people who suddenly find themselves inheriting their elderly parents assets, and there are many who will be quietly happy about that. When people see the potential upsides of death, mindsets alter.

So the world is about to go through MASSIVE changes.
Businesses will carry on.
Wealth will be redistributed from the old to the young.
Big Pharma will take a massive knock and it’ll become all about finding the Covid Cure, so that they can rebuild their businesses.
The Care Industry will go bust.
Hospitals will have far less patients.
The environment will benefit through there being less people who need energy and consumables.
Death will become normal.
Health will ( should ) improve, simply because society will realise that if you don’t take care of yourself and let your body become obese / hypertensive/ diabetic then the virus will kill you off.

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