Oh no?!

What occurs to me big style as a resident of West London is what will happen to all the blonde and beautiful yummy mummies over 45, who by social distancing from their hairdressers and Botox delivering doctors, will now transform before our eyes into grey haired wrinkly crones. Gawd… that’ll make em stay indoors and socially distance from people more than Corona will ! I mean, what if someone were to see them!? I see a run on balaclavas and large sunglasses next, never mind food. With doctors looking after sick people, rather than artificially beautifying millions of dyed blondes, West London will get a lot more real all of a sudden!

What a shame…!

3 thoughts on “Oh no?!

  1. Ha ha that cheered me up … 🤣🤣🤣same here in cape town . My fave meme in 3 weeks we will know everyone’s real hair colour

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