Thanks, Kenlea.

Hi Russ,

I must say that I have been so happy to read your Christmas posts and to see that you have ended 2013 with a smile and a laugh surrounded by the family, the trip looked great and it must have been so awesome to be out on the skis, I reckon you will be an expert in that one before you know it:)

I think of you often and the challenges that you are going through, more the emotional challenges as I know that the physical ones will be mastered in time,
I also think of your lovely family and the support that they give you especially you lovely wife, Dani, 
Although I have never met Dani, she is definitely a SuperStar alright, 

You have so much love around you, it is just beautiful.

This morning I read your latest post, its a tough one today pal, 
but I reckon we have to believe that the tough days and times will move on and will be replaced by the good ones and all the things that we treasure in life, like family and loved ones, the only real important things in life really,

I cant really give you any advice but one thing that I know for sure, you have a beautiful family around you that love you dearly, you have just exceeded expectations by skiing like a champ and ended 2013 with a smile on your face,

Its only going to get better from this point, I am sure,

I guess, on the up side you have a new room mate:)

Keep well and keep believing in Santa:)



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