Thanks …

… To Bear for taking me out tonight ( mmmm, all my best times seem to involve alcohol … Then again, maybe they always did? )

To Alwyn for visiting again, to John and Kelly for a fun night at theirs, to Ben, Tracey and Tim for s great day last week, to John and Cindy for their ongoing magnificence in every way.

The snow is finally melting, the sun is now actually warm, rather than polar, and American people are now occasionally even walking outside.

It’s occurred to me that I may be sometimes mistaken for a ‘hobo’ – a (wheelchair bound) beggar.. As people sort of turn the other way as I roll along the pavement. It’s a bit of an issue here, the whole begging thing.
Quite a few times, guys have asked me for financial assistance as I try to steer in a straight line along the ‘sidewalk’.

It seems sort of weird to me that I’m a target for beggars, but there you go.
As I’m possibly more likely to feel other people’s pain now, maybe it’s not a bad strategy after all.

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