The summer is here.
It seems virtually everybody I know is about to embark upon some athletic challenge.
I’m feeling extremely left out, in this imposed rut I’m travelling along.

Everybody seems rightly animated by what lies ahead for them.
I’m not bitter, but I am jealous.

And I feel inadequate.
Not a feeling I used to feel often, in my old life.

2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Hey Russ, Funny how this book thing keep popping up:)

    Go enjoy the summer mate, get out there and enjoy life and of course the sun…

    Keep storming ahead…


  2. Mate
    There is definitely a very powerful book in you buddy and I have no doubt a best seller at that.

    you know all the grief, frustration, desperation etc are perfectly normal and part of the healing process – the only remarkable element is how you are facing up to them
    Don’t forget to be kind with yourself and recognise your huge achievements
    Billy F

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