Last night Wendy and I went to the Science Museum in the evening. They had a thing called Space Lates, which was prompted by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. It was packed in there, by really geeky people, lots wearing NASA t shirts or Star Trek uniforms. There were also an unusual number really tall women? No idea why?

As you may know, there are plans to build a space station on the Moon, and from there make manned missions to Mars. Before that ( in 2 years ) the first woman will walk on the Moon. Not the first woman as in the President’s missus – we don’t want Mrs Trump going up there ( there’ll be irreversible make up contamination of the Moon – imagine her ‘Space Dust cosmetics line’ ) but rather the first Walk on the lunar surface by a lady. I wonder if they do space boots with heels?

After that they are sending up the first Trans person to walk on the Moon, and then the first black man who identifies as a white lesbian, to walk on the Moon.

Anyway, I digress.

You know what it’s like – you hear a million and one interesting facts that you didn’t know of, and yet you come away with only ONE in your head. Here’s the one that stuck ….

What do you think is the best stuff to cover yourself with to prevent being killed by radiation? Lead? Concrete? Water? Glass ..??

Nope, it’s poo. Cover yourself in your own shit and it absorbs radiation. It’s full of nuclei you see, and radiation gets trapped in those.

So if you get caught short and accidentally shit yourself, and people are put out by your smell, just say that you’ll be the last laughing when the bombs start to fall …

Remember where you heard that first.

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