You couldn’t make it up.

So anyway, as some may recall I have vegetables growing in planters here in my garden. I’ve never grown vegetables before so I’m no expert. In fact I’m no expert on food at all, other than fruit and nuts.

But some peas did grow, and so I ate those raw, straight from the pods, and they were lovely.

Yesterday I noticed that the Sweetpea flowers that Wendy had planted now seemed to have pea pods too, as in loads of them. I assumed that they had to be about the same, so I opened a pod and tasted a few peas. To me they tasted the same as the other normal ones, so I ate about 15 of the pods, so about 80 odd peas.

I didn’t think anything more of it, until Wendy said today that the sweetpea had pods. I mentioned that I’d eaten loads. She sort of looked at me as if I was joking. I asked why she thought I wouldn’t ? She looked at me again, and said ‘ because they are POISONOUS!’

Well I’m not dead, I thought, so they can’t be! I don’t even feel ill, let alone poisoned.

She googled it. Guess what eating them does to you?

Ha! It can paralyse you! Make you paraplegic! Ha! Too late! I’m obviously immune to that one, so there, do your worst, lil sweet peas, I thought ( well, think )

See, it’s impossible to get me. Another life used up.

It does cause brain damage in kids, and breathing problems, but I’m not a kid and my lungs are a bit buggered already, so as far as I can tell I’m the same as before.

I don’t intend snacking on any more though.

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