Sounds like a Plan.

Having made it back to Britain, and said goodbye to Krisztina for the last time, I met Ashley and Luton airport for a romantic night in Luton Central Travelodge – yes, dont tell me that I don’t know how to spoil a girl…

Not having gone to bed til 5am ( digestion kinda complications ), it was a short sleep before we had to check out, but hey, sleep can be recouped another time.
Today has been spent in Chiswick doing a multitude of things that I had to do, and tonight we go to see Plan B in Brixton – should be really brilliant tbh!

Chiswick is full of people that I know, and every 2 Minutes I’m saying hello to an old friend as we go down the street.
It’s 30 years that I lived here, but now I won’t ever again. It’s funny how that chapter seems to have ended, and a new start beckons. It’s not even a month since I moved out, but already it’s home no longer, and I’ve moved on in every way.
Portugal isn’t going to be long term but I am beginning to like it there. I have a new Carer starting when I go back and I think we might even have a blast.

Mike and Monique ran 56 miles each in the desert today- and Mike did that with an injured leg. Endurance extreme events always come down to whether you can suck up the pain and somehow turn it into the pleasure of doing something most people will never do – these things are a weird drug that few get to take. I was lucky enough to take it for a few amazing years, and am so very glad I did, especially now.

I’ve just arrived in Brixton and it’s going to be a great gig. The atmosphere is really alive, and it’s absolutely packed.

Tonight we stay in Chiswick- thanks to Mr White for sorting that for me.


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