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It’s a shame that I have to write emails like this, isn’t it, when people let me down.
If I wasn’t as strong as I am, in the arms department, there’s absolutely NO WAY that I’d have got into this minivan, the roof handle of which was 7 foot up. Thankfully I also have the wherewithal to carry a climbing tether with me when I travel, to tie around handles I cannot reach, that then hangs down low enough for me to pull up on.


I am very disappointed and let down by your service. My client is paralysed and in a wheelchair and I  booked a wheelchair taxi that he can wheelchair onto and not leave the wheelchair.
The taxi that arrived was a large minibus with no wheelchair lift. I phoned and spoke to Bruno, who eventually agreed to phone around and arrange a different wheelchair car from another taxi company. He said that whatever happened I would be refunded, as you have obviously made a big error.
No phone call back happened and we had no choice but to lift my client into a seat. It was very hard, and it causes him pain and injury, and mentally is very stressful for him. He gets very upset.

You need to be very aware of how your advertising is untrue and misleading, and the upset that it can cause.

I think that as well as a refund you should do something for my client when he next comes to the Algarve, in order to give him faith in your company.
It is possible that you will not lose 2 customers if you do the right thing.

Krisztina B*****
Care assistant to Russell Dawkins.

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