So much more logical…!

Blimey, I’ve seen the light. Having a Male Carer, is by far the most sensible thing I’ve done since my injury. I’m not sure i can ever revert to a lady again.

I probably should have known all along that this was a far better idea for me, but despite various people saying it and me even thinking it, the availability of males is not high.

Having someone with loads of energy, with male strength and Male thinking is ( no offence obviously ) just so much better for me. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but for me it’s brilliant.

Last night we watched The Eurovision Song Contest and laughed the whole way through. He picked the winner as soon as he saw her – the ‘ well proportioned ‘ Israeli, whereas I picked the Hotty that ended up second. Horses for courses, I think that demonstrated, or as the winner said ‘ a victory for diversity ‘ ?!

My new help said ‘ Fat is the future ‘ …. and perhaps he’s right….maybe cake is the answer to everything?

I’ll be sticking to my specific carbohydrate diet though, with no dairy, which definitely does seem to  agree with me. My spasms and my tendency to bloat have definitely decreased.

The other big breaking news is that I finally have a vehicle that makes life fun and ‘ extreme’ – which goes with my nature. I’ll post videos of me and my Off Road Segfree soon!


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