Friday 1am.

My new help has started, and  I’m ok, all things considered.

The spasms have been a bit much, I’ve had more mechanical complications with equipment, but hey, I’ve had worse.

Ashley has made a big difference to my life, more than I could have hoped for, I have to say, and I feel a lot of gratitude for the good things that I have. Thanks to my mother for her ongoing words of encouragement, which does help me, as do all positive people in my life. I really have no desire for conflict in my life, and do aim to be free of what there is by the end of the year.

By then a lot ought be resolved for the better, I think.


One thought on “Friday 1am.

  1. You are really a lovely person and I am not just saying that. You are an inspiration and you have helped me just to go on some days. Love to you Margaret x x

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