I’ve been regularly visiting my one time father in law in hospital these last 5 weeks, initially after what was deemed a ‘ seizure’. Later it was labelled as a mini stroke He’s had several since, as well as sepsis as a consequence of an advanced UTI.
Hospitals catheterise people very readily, and then fail to ensure absolute hygiene and hydration protocols are followed. As sure as eggs is eggs, UTI’s follow. The UTI’s go undiagnosed for far too long, by which time they have wreaked havoc to the patient’s body and mind. I of all people understand the errors hospitals make, what they don’t do, which in the elderly ultimately kills the patient.

Each time I’ve gone I’ve seen him slip further away from him being as he was – a switched on, alert and educated man. He”s gone from recognising and talking to me, to hardly seeming to understand he has a visitor.

Today he was far further along the road to leaving us altogether.
It is hard seeing him so close to the end.
I don’t know if he could hear me talking to him, let alone understanding my words.
Sadly I don’t expect him to recover, just instead to slip away.

Very distressing.

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